Space Shooter

Space Shooter

February 13, 2015



Part of the project was to get acclimated to the Proce55ing IDE/API environment. In perusing through the proce55ing website, I thought that the best way to take advantage of the environment was to develop a small video game. The requirements for the project were twofold: 1) it had to be dynamic and 2) it had to be interactive.

Dynamic is relating to objects in motion or movement, always changing. The project is dynamic because 1) The score counter updates each time an enemy is killed, 2) The shield energy level changes each time you get hit, 3) The bugs, or enemies are always attacking at different speeds, 4) The bugs change directions when they bounce off the shields, 5) The main ship, controlled by the player, is always moving, 6) The missiles, when fired, collide with a bug within range and 7) There are sound effects that get triggered at different events in the game.


Interactive is a type of program that responds to user activity. The project is interactive because 1) The player must move the ship to avoid colliding with the kamikaze bugs, 2) The user fires the missiles with the mouse button to destroy the bugs, and 3) The user should try to get a high score by destroying as many bugs as they can.

Language:            Java
Graphics API:     Java 2D
Libraries:             Processing
IDE:                      Eclipse
Source:                GitHub Link
Demo Video:      YouTube Link