Computer Science Research

Computer Science Research

February 13, 2015

Information Retrieval Paper

This paper will discuss the brief background of agents and the benefits of using this technology. I will then go more in depth with the specific model of intelligent agents and the basic framework used to deploy agents on a system. Issues related to intelligent agents, as well as how the different AI models are applied to the different intelligent search agents will also be discussed.

Download: pdficon_small (PDF, 220 KB, 2002)


 Information Retrieval Presentation

This presentation will describe different information retrieval strategies based on current technology.

Download: pdficon_small (PDF, 232 KB, 2002)


 Data Visualization Dataset Paper

The Iris Flower Dataset is a popular multivariate dataset that was introduced by R.A. Fisher as an example for discriminant analysis. The Iris dataset has been analyzed via two distinct methods. First, plotted the dataset onto scatterplots to determine patterns in the data in relation to the Iris classifications. Second, developed an application in Java that will run a series of methods on the dataset to extract relevant statistical information from the dataset. With these two methods, I can make concrete predictors about the dataset.

Download: pdficon_small (PDF, 132 KB, 2002)


 Mobile Robotics: How to Teach an Autonomous Robot to Play Catch

This paper will discuss the implementation of teaching a Pioneer autonomous robot to play catch with varying types of balls. The artificial intelligence methods used in this process include neural networks and vision.

Download: pdficon_small (PDF, 904 KB, 2005)