Mastering LibGDX Game Development

Mastering LibGDX Game Development

October 23, 2015

I wrote Mastering LibGDX Game Development (published by Packt Publishing) over 8 months. While writing the book, I also developed a complete RPG game named BludBourne, to be used as a reference implementation for the book. As difficult as writing a book and developing a video game at the same time can be, this is also one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.

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Mastering LibGDX Game Development (Estimated Release: November 2015)

You can get your own copy from either of following links:


This book is based on my experience of:

  • 15 years of professional software development
  • Finishing projects related to 2D and 3D graphics APIs
  • Publishing an Android based puzzle game on the Google Play store
  • My own frustrations when certain video game related topics were never discussed in detail or with appropriate examples

Starting from the beginning, this book will take you through the entire development process of creating an RPG video game using LibGDX.

First, this book will introduce you to the features specific to RPG games, as well as an overview of game architecture. Then, you will create map locations, develop character movement, add animation, integrate collision detection, and develop a portal system. Next, you will learn and develop a HUD and other UI components, as well as an inventory management system. You will then develop NPC interactions including dialog trees, shopkeepers, and quest givers. After this, you will design and create battle features for fighting enemies, as well as event triggers for world events. Finally, you will add the final polish with sound, music, and lighting effects.

By the end of this book, you will have learned and applied core components from the LibGDX framework, as well as have a finished game to use as a springboard for customization and story development for your own commercial video game.

For this book, I developed a fully functional completed game from scratch, BludBourne, which the reader can use as a reference implementation for their own commercial title.