November 27, 2015

BludBourne is a complete RPG game used as a reference implementation for my book “Mastering LibGDX Game Development.”


The features in the game include the following:

  • Creating different map locations
  • Developing character movement controls
  • Adding character animations
  • Integrating collision detection
  • Developing a portal system for moving between maps
  • Developing a HUD
  • Developing a drag and drop player inventory
  • Learn about creating dialog trees
  • Adding shopkeepers with their own stores
  • Creating a quest system with quest givers that reward you
  • Designing and creating battle features for fighting enemies
  • Creating a leveling system with a specific cap
  • Creating event triggers for world events
  • Adding drama with cutscene support
  • Adding final polish with sound, music, and lighting effects


Languages:         Java
Platforms:          Windows 7, Android, iPhone/iPad
Environment:    IntelliJ IDEA IDE, Git, Tiled, Android Studio, Audacity, Packr, and Proguard
Libraries:            LibGDX
Source:                GitHub Link
YouTube:            Gameplay Video