2048 Dinosaurs and Robots

2048 Dinosaurs and Robots

February 14, 2015

“2048 Dinosaurs and Robots”

“This is the next generation of 2048 sliding number puzzles. This super addictive game has you combining rocks, paper, scissors, dinosaurs, and robots! All the way up until you make the robots. This rollicking fun puzzle will keep you entertained for hours!”

Available on Android:

Available on iOS:

I ported the original iOS puzzle game from an Objective-C codebase to a C++/Java codebase on Android. I also created a trailer video for the game.



Languages:         Java, C++, Objective-C.
Platforms:          Windows 7, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac OS X
Environment:    Eclipse IDE, Git, Xcode
Libraries:            Cocos2D, Cocos2D-X
Source:                GitHub Link
Trailer Video:      YouTube Link
Gameplay Video: YouTube Link